2020 Movement Awards




A person who demonstrates exemplary leadership and has made significant contributions to their industry. They have not only earned the respect of their superiors to rise as a leader and role model, but have also earned the admiration of their students. They empower and support their students and emphasize building honest relationships, value input, and lead by example.


Becky is amazing. She truly cares about all the dancers in her studio and everything she does is full of love and affection. She coaches the girls, not only on how to be better dancers/athletes, but also on how to be a better person. She is not afraid to have those difficult conversations and handles everything with grace and compassion. When Covid hit and she was forced to close the dance studio, that did not destroy her. She rose from that challenge with a fury and has kept going strong. I can only imagine the toll this has taken on her, but she does not let that get in her way of providing an amazing space and loving community for every single person to step through the door and enter her dance studio. I feel so blessed that my daughter has the opportunity to learn from her and grow as a dancer and as a person. She goes above and beyond, truly an inspiring person.



Recognizing the continued need for inspired leadership and positive role models for kids and young adults, The Movement Inspiring Person Award identifies and honours exceptional kids for their accomplishments, personal attributes, and community commitment.  These kids, by example, provide inspiration and concrete evidence of what kids can achieve when afforded the opportunity and guidance to make positive life choices.  They are an excellent Role Model for younger children and lead by example.

Hannah Hunter


 Hannah was accepted into the Royal Winnipeg Ballet’s professional division for the 2020/2021 year. During the same months as the audition process for RWB, Hannah was also diagnosed with anxiety. It affected her ability to speak in front of those she didn’t know well and shut down completely. School and dance became more and more difficult. She continued to volunteer her time assisting in younger ballet and tap classes at her dance studio even though she was struggling. Through different treatment types, Hannah has made leaps and bounds of progress since being in Winnipeg. She is representing her home town and studio well. She has been able to make new friends and discuss her struggles with them and the staff at RWB. She has proven that you can’t let anything stop you for reaching and pursuing your dreams (even during a global pandemic).



 She is so loyal, kind, and selfless and stands up what she believes even against hardship and others if she sees something happening she always defends others. Helps other selflessly. She is 15 going on 50 mature and very strong! She is a good kid who doesn’t want anything more in her life than good grades, a few loyal good friends like her dedication to her competitive team at the Kore and making sure the girls don’t get bullied when she sees things. She is a role model there for girls who she sees are not themselves and takes the time to pull them aside to support and let them know they are not ever alone no matter what the challenge. She also has a job to fill her free time. And at times always seeing elderly and offering them coffee and doughnuts and volunteers on her own free time. She really is strong and kind and in words to sum her up is compassionate. She has survived some hardships in the past year battled past it and survived and has come out stronger. And takes care of her disabled mom. She deserves recognition for this all!